About Us



M. S. M’s. College of Physical Education is committed to excellence and endeavors to provide an optimum teaching, learning, research, values, secularist, multi-dimensional (vision) personality, multi-tasking quality, scholastic, holistic development and humanistic approach environment. This will be demonstrated by innovations which embraces demographic and latest technological changes.


“Professional Excellence with Human Touch”

M. S. M’s College of Physical Education’s mission is to create an intellectually and culturally stimulating learning environment for students and community. Our students improve their basic skills in teaching, research, humanity, values, ethics, and morality, develop and enhance career opportunities and / or prepare for transformation in institution as they become productive citizens and lifelong learners. Philosophies do not grow overnight, they are shaped by experience and we believe in providing experience.


Our values are the ideals that guide us in our commitment to students learning and to the vitality of our community. The following ideals represent the foundation for our mission. They guide us in our daily decisions, as well as inspire and motivate us to accomplish our goals and objectives.


We aspire to high academic standards and support the personal growth of all our students. We are committed to students acquiring that inculcates broad perspective resulting in the student applicability.

Accountability and Consistency:

We feel responsible for utilizing and developing human resources, financial and infrastructural efficiency, effectiveness and consistency in philosophy and practice.


The faculty is always in pursuit in inculcating dynamic and challenging atmosphere that magnifies the acquiring capability. We also identify the vital roles of the teaching and non-teaching staff to perform their best for the productive studentship.

Environment of the Campus:

We value and support the infrastructure through which the people, building and grounds all serve to convey to our students that they are welcome and that our college is a special place to learn. We encourage the citizen walkers during morning and evening sessions in our ground. The campus even encourages a large number of young talents to get nurtured in various sports activities such as gymnastics, basketball, cricket, football etc.


We promote active responsible leadership for students, faculty and staff at various levels of the college and through partnership with the society at large. We embrace our responsibility to clearly communicate, inspire and proactively respond to the changing needs of our students and society.

Opportunity to All:

We value and strive to ensure open access to our college and equitable opportunities for all the residents of our society.
Perfection and Creativity: the college provides a quality educational environment for students by embracing a culture of introspection and rectification. We believe in our founding president’s saying “Nurture humanity through culture and sports” to encourage innovation, creative problem solving and to welcome changes that will enhance the college’s ability to fulfill its mission.


Our institute provides ample facilities and motivation for the students to develop research aptitude and curious nature of the students. They are now and then promoted to attend and present papers in local level seminars and bring in them the scholarly touch. Through research they are made aware of the requirement of minute but true nature of research for the development of the society.
Technical Support: We encourage the technological support to the students to minimize the hurdles in acquiring and enlarging access to educational opportunities, needs and catalyzing with administrative steadiness.

Understanding Environment:

We encourage active participation based on trust, openness, consistency and respect in the college policies making process. We also support students, faculty, and staff to work together to solve problems by listening to one another, by speaking honestly, and by demonstrating ethical behaviour and responsibility for the good of institute.

Unity and Variety:

The College value variety and recognize the support of every individual. We support the free and open exchange of thoughts and ideas in an environment that embraces mutual respect and civility.


1. To plan and evaluate teaching, learning courses in physical education at micro level.
2. To help trainees / students to discover self and tap their fullest potential while developing integrated personalities who will emerge as responsible and productive citizens of the country.
3. To set-up and run various forums oriented towards socially relevant issues through institution.
4. To organize seminar, conferences, workshops and similar projects for exchange of views and thoughts for promotion of physical education and sports culture through august gathering.
5. To produce eminent scientist, DPE, Sports officers and teachers in physical education at various levels of education.
6. To organize lectures on various subjects on physical education of experts from the faculty of physical education and sports and other interdisciplinary area.
7. To encourage trainees / students to participate in sports quiz, debates, sports competitions and exhibitions.
8. To prepare value based teachers in physical education and sports for the nation and society.
9. To promote professional development through inter-related activities of education, training and research.
10. To adopt the new managerial concepts in administration and to equip the infrastructure with modern techniques.